Select Works


Nachlass (Published by CRAFT in February 2021)
Tailor Made (Published in the Gallatin Review in April 2014)
Echolocation (published by The Rusty Nail in the June/July 2013 issue)
Simmer (published by Liteary Ophans in June 2013)
Transatlantic (published by Apocrypha and Abstractions May 2013)
Inertia (published by Scissors and Spackle in August 2012)
Teaching You to Breathe (published by Eunoia Review in July 2012)
In Retrospect (Placed Second in 2010 Sokol Short Fiction Contest)

Indifference is Unacceptable (published by Concern Worldwide’s GCC Blog and Eye See Magazine in Summer 2011)

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