“Tailor Made” at the Gallatin Review

Afterwards, I turned to my S.O. and said something along the lines of “This turns out fine because magic, but if magic didn’t exist like it currently doesn’t, it’s just a depressing ass story.” Then a light clicked on in my head and here we are.

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“Inertia” at Scissors and Spackle

This piece, Inertia, originally was part of a longer work that lost steam very early on. I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to go with it but I always kind of liked this one section so I cut it out and made it so it could stand alone. The gist of the original project and this piece are both nicely reflected in the title I chose about a month after I was done writing– that an object(or a person or a life path) in motion will tend to stay in motion. Read it at Scissors and Spackle here.

Melissa, all over the internet

Indifference is Unacceptable This summer I’m an intern at Concern Worldwide US, a Non Profit organization based in New York City that helps the poorest people in the poorest countries. I do pretty much whatever stuff they ask me to do. It’s nice work. One thing they asked is to try to write a guest post for one of their blogs so I did. That’s what that link is. It’s kind of about what the name suggests even though I didn’t name it myself because I’m not good at naming things. You can look at my previous attempt to encourage people to help the universe called “A Dollar A Day” and see how that probably wouldn’t work and why I had to try again.

A Dollar a Day

I’m on a diet because I have the financial ability to be either fat or skinny. I’m trying to figure out which one makes me happier. I have those options—like skipping school or not going to the dentist. It’s amazing. A couple next to me talks about their upcoming camping trip because it’s invigorating to sleep out in the open when you have mosquito repellent and a GPS and house to go back to at the end of it.

A white man with white hair and khaki pants kneels down next to a young boy with no parents and no money and younger siblings to take care of. With my help, the man tells me, he can be saved.

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