“Simmer” and “Echolocation”

Literary Oprhans and The Rusty Nail both featured short pieces of mine this summer!


Literary Orphans was wonderful enough to take Simmer in their 7th issue and they placed some wonderful pictures by Jon Damaschke along with it. The piece is about a window washer who moonlights as a creep. The idea always hovers in my mind because my apartment windows look into an astounding number of other apartments. It’s a fact of New York life. This story was born out of watching two window washers laugh and joke during a slow day in an office, and thinking about how many people they just watch all day.


The Rusty Nail took Echolocation in their June/July issue. This one is about a woman with a seafaring past planning for her future amidst medical testing. I wrote a while after undergoing a similar set of medical tests that the main character does. I’m fine, but between first test and the second, I kept ruminating on the uncertainty and unfamiliarity of


I'm Melissa. That's it. That's all.

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